Saturday, January 30, 2016

Sweet big brothers

Little Mary Claire took a tumble this afternoon while attempting to ride her tricycle...down the length of our driveway! She's got a doozy of a scrape on her sweet little face, but is otherwise no worse for wear. Thank goodness!

In the ensuing commotion, David and John were both very concerned. David asked, "What happened?! Is she okay?!" Then, in an effort to cheer Mary Claire up, he continued, "On your birthday, you will get lots of presents!" After that, he and John both drew lots of pictures of animals and heroes to present to Mary Claire as she (and her parents!) recovered from the trauma. Here's David with one of his works ("Giraffe, lion, cheetah, river, lake"); note the cameo by battle-hardened Mary Claire over his right shoulder (and a glimpse of John over his left!). Fun times...

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  1. Tell David that his picture is beautiful and worth taking a tumble for. Does he know that I slipped in the snow? ��


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