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The Easter hallway's getting crowded

(Early) Birthday Boy

For many reasons, we're celebrating John's birthday with several family parties this year (work travels, family visits, etc.). Today was the Valdosta party.

Here's how John looked when he thought he'd opened all his presents and didn't get the "lightsaver" he wanted.
After a short sulk, he was happy when his final gift was revealed.

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Meet Rosie

Rosie, seen here in St. Patrick's Day clothes, is cheering for the Lady Irish in the NCAA Tournament. I have the honor of being her godmother, and my first godparent lesson will be teaching her the Notre Dame Fight Song.

Team Mitchell is happy to have a baby next door. The kids love her; see proof here. (As a side note, it's been hard to hold back posting pictures of this sweet child, but we thought it best to let her parents, Sandy and Barrett, share her first.)

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Sunday visitors

Granddaddy and Nana (she's also taking the picture)
and Aunt Kay!

Monday, March 7, 2016


Batman and his sworn enemy, The Riddler, called a brief truce yesterday at the riverfront park in order to watch a couple of fuel barges being pushed by a river tug.

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Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Ready for the egg drop!

Humpty Dumpty is safely packed inside a pouch suspended by rubber bands and those plastic air bags that came in all our shipped Christmas gifts. Everything is obscured bc David insisted his drop box be decorated like a wall. The white around the bricks that you see is "brick glue, like on our house."

Making Humpty Dumpty's brick wall