Thursday, August 30, 2007

Fun at the beach

Here we are (or, at least, here are our shadows) before the digital camera broke today. We're negotiating replacement now, our first "shared finances" major purchase. Mary Beth wants to hastily replace the broken camera with one just like it. Ned is urging reconsideration and a possible repair of the old camera. We'll keep you updated on developments. Yes, this is what it'll be like. Excruciating. Minutiae.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

We're Hitched!

Many thanks to everyone who helped make our wedding so much fun. Special thanks is due to THOMAS WILLIAMS, who brought us the pig; MELISSA HALL and GIL BRIDGES, who made sure that the reception was set perfectly, MELANIE LASSETER, who made our wedding cake, and JOHN CURRENCE, who orchestrated the world's best reception food. Not to mention ELLEN COURSON, who made the wedding dress by hand; AMY, JAY, JANICE, BRIAN, and AUNT KAY, our talented family musicians; LYN HEWLETT, who gave us fabulous catfish at the rehearsal dinner; THE BENDELES, for photos we've enjoyed on the honeymoon; WALKER HUNSICKER, who ran errands for everything we forgot all weekend; THE DIXONS, who have given us a much needed restful week and the beach; OUR ATTENDANTS, who traveled to be with us and dressed alike; THE SFA CREW, for fabulous gifts and better friendships; THE SOUTHERN STUDIES FAMILY, for a wonderful wedding morning party; and OUR FAMILIES, for bankrolling all the fun. And thanks to all of you who attended. We didn't get to visit with anyone nearly long enough, but we'll host parties like this again, no doubt.

Much love,
MB and Ned

Friday, August 17, 2007

8 days to go...

Ned and I are celebrating our last weekend of independence...apart. We'll both be busy with wedding errands -- picking up rings, buying shoes for the wedding dress, making a beer run across state lines -- you know, the important stuff. And, before it gets too busy, we need to thank the folks who are helping us out: the party-givers, tux renters, dress wearers, Moonpie cake bakers, pig mules, bill-payers, program proofers, legal counselors, guest travelers, and the like. I'm not listing names, for fear of leaving someone out, but you know who you are...

Special thanks is due to my Aunt Ellie who, last night, let me know that she's putting the finishing touches on the beautiful dress that I'll wear. No, I won't force march you through a receiving line (though I thought about it). But I will expect you to admire it. It has not a single machine stitch...all of it, even the beading and embroidery, is done by hand. I thought about giving you a sneak peak, but I think the surprise is half the fun. Instead, I'll share a photo of me and the dressmaker, on her wedding day.

Monday, August 13, 2007

East Nasvhille's Tomato Art Festival

Ned and I LOVED being in Nashville this past weekend! I think I scared him a bit with my obsessive reading of the real estate pages. We got a little work done (Ned met with his advisor), but mostly we just enjoyed a final weekend away before busy wedding errands kick in. Haven't been to the tomato festival? Go next year!

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Freakish Flower

It's not a split screen. It's just a weird double zinnia.

Monday, August 6, 2007

Weekend update

The weekend in Vicksburg was low-key. Saturday morning was spent in the garden, picking baskets of tomatoes (that later turned to a gallon of salsa) and gathering more beautiful zinnias. We also moved the desk into the back office. It meant taking every door between the living room and the back room off the hinges, and you can see from the photos that the fit could not have been any tighter. Three more weeks and counting...

Thursday, August 2, 2007

This is what it's gonna be like....

While Mary Beth falls asleep watching her Braves battle it out in extra innings (two-run homer ties it up again in the 12th), Ned is forced to seek solace by using his MLB Online subscription to watch condensed versions of last year's post-season games.

Good times, good times....

Go Cards!!!

What's more fun than a box of pinwheels?

Two boxes of pinwheels! These arrived in the mail this week, and are courtesy of Aunt Charlotte. Look for these fun treasures at the wedding, but don't take them home with you as souvenirs. I have big plans to decorate the garden with them after the big day.