Sunday, March 29, 2015

Easter egg hunt

We had a big time at the ERDC Castle Club Easter Egg Hunt yesterday. Mary Claire found a few eggs over in the 2-and-under section, and it was sweet of Granddaddy to drive over so that she would have someone to walk with her while her brothers ran wild in the big kids' section. Mary Claire also enjoyed catching up with her good friend, Sophie, who was visiting all the way from California! In other news, John was thrilled with his candy haul and with the face painting, courtesy of Ms. Patty. But it was David who won the day by finding the golden sparkly egg and thereby besting numerous 6-year-olds and quite a few helicopter parents who just couldn't resist running out in front and pointing their little darlings to all the eggs (note: Ned stayed on the sidelines). For his heroics, David was rewarded with an ERDC Commander's coin. His dad has managed exactly one of these in 8+ years on the job; David got one after about 5 minutes of effort.

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